The Port has had a positive economic impact on Walla Walla County since its inception in 1952. This success is a direct result of supportive citizens, local governments and private sector business. Periodically, the Port surveys those businesses that have received direct assistance from the Port to help determine its ongoing contribution to the economic health of Walla Walla County. Below is the results of our latest survey.


  • Full-time 4,610
  • Part-time 1,160
  • Port assisted business represent 21.8% of Walla Walla County's Total Labor Force


  • $111 Million Annually

Property Tax

  • $5.9 million per year
  • 5 out of the top 10 largest taxpayers in Walla Walla County are Port assisted businesses
  • Over 15.8% of all property taxes collected in Walla Walla County comes from Port assisted companies
  • For every dollar ($1.00) the Port receives in taxpayer support (2015 $1,894,188), businesses assisted by the Port will pay more than Five dollars and twelve cents ($5.12) in property taxes.
  • Only 16% of the revenue to operate the Port is derived from local property taxes

2015 Accomplishments

2015Acc1(click to enlarge) Downtown Walla Walla
Port recruits Ingeniux to Downtown Walla Walla. Port purchases the former Misbehaven Building at 115 West Alder (4,800 SQFT) for $600,000 and enters into a lease agreement with Ingeniux. Port commits to invest an additional $230,000 for building improvements. Ingeniux will initially hire 5 to 10 employees related to the software development business. Lease agreement provides Ingeniux with an option to purchase the building.
2015Acc2(click to enlarge) Isaacs Manufacturing Building
Port leases 17,280 SQFT of Isaacs Manufacturing Building to Infield Products for a soil absorbent bulk processing facility. Port receiving $8,746 in monthly rent.
2015Acc3(click to enlarge) Dell Avenue 
Port subdivides Dell Ave. Large Shop Building into two production spaces. Shop Space #1 encompasses 3,175 SQFT and is leased to Concrete Special Ties at $1,456 per month. They supply contractors with concrete specialty products. Shop Space #2 encompasses 2,550 SQFT and is leased to NewCore Technology Partners, a wine barrel restoration business. Port receives $1,020 per month in rent.
2015Acc4(click to enlarge) Crown Building
Crown Building roofing repairs. Re-roofed the lower warehouse and repaired the upper warehouse roof at a cost of $800,000. Port issues General Obligation Bonds to finance the improvements.
2015Acc5(click to enlarge) Mill Creek Channel
Port continues participation in Mill Creek Channel Coalition. Helped organize several congressional tours of the channel. Led and organized outreach visits to Washington D.C.
2015Acc6(click to enlarge) Prescott
Provided project and financial oversight for the City of Prescott sidewalk and pedestrian crossing improvement project with WSDOT. Funding for the $85,000 project came from a EDSTF Grant.
2015Acc7(click to enlarge) U.S. Highway 12
Port continues leadership role with U.S. Highway 12 Coalition. The 2015 State Transportation Revenue Package resulted in significant transportation dollars earmarked for Walla Walla County.
  • $126 million to construct Phase 7
  • $42 million to begin design & permitting work for Phase 8
  • $3.9 million for improvements to the 9th/Plaza Way
2015Acc8(click to enlarge) Highway 124
Commenced efforts with WSDOT and Broetje Orchards in looking at safety improvements for Highway 124.
2015Acc9(click to enlarge) Wallula
Entered into a Wallula Barge Slip “Use Agreement” with Northwest Grain Growers. 
2015Acc10(click to enlarge) Burbank Business & Industrial Parks
Completed two year construction phase for the Burbank Sewer Transmission Line & Water Line Distribution System at a cost of $6.8 million. Community dedication held in Burbank in September.  Sewer Transmission System startup and operations has gone smooth.
2015Acc11(click to enlarge) Burbank Business & Industrial Parks
Walla Walla County approves the Port’s Burbank Business Park Binding Site Plan and Development Agreement.
2015Acc11(click to enlarge) Burbank Business & Industrial Parks
Port Commission establishes initial lot sales prices and water & sewer connection fees for new developments wanting to connect to Port provided utilities.
2015Acc13(click to enlarge) Burbank Business & Industrial Parks
Completed the dredging of the Port owned barge slip used by the Scoular Company at a cost of $544,461. Going forward the Scoular Company and/or other users of the barge slip shall have the financial responsibility for dredging.
2015Acc11(click to enlarge) Burbank Business & Industrial Parks
Hired Brad Anderson as a part-time Water System Operator/Wastewater Attendant position. Oversees Burbank and Dodd Road Water Systems and Burbank Sewer Transmission System.
2015Acc15(click to enlarge) Burbank Business & Industrial Parks
At the request of the Burbank Community and after conducting a traffic study the Port Commission increased the speed limit on Jantz Road from 25 mph to 35 mph.
2015Acc16(click to enlarge) Broadband Feasibility Study
Magellan Advisors completes and publishes Port’s Broadband Feasibility Study. Port holds initial community input meeting. Port Commission approves deploying limited broadband infrastructure in the City of Walla Walla and City of College Place Business Districts.
  • City of Walla Walla Alder Street Project – Completed  - Total Project Cost $137,000. Port Contribution $60,000 EDSTF Loan.
  • All City of College Place CARS Project - Conduit Only - Total Project Cost $315,189. Port contribution $315,189 via EDSTF Loan. Project to be completed in late 2016.
2015Acc17(click to enlarge) Administration Improvements
  • Adopted rules governing how the Port Commission transacts its business.
  • Adopted policy establishing criteria to be used regarding early lease terminations
  • Adopted “Airport’s Special Event Policy”
  • All Port policies are now on Port’s website
  • All Port Commission meeting minutes from 1968 to now are available on the Port’s website.
Burbank IP 18(click to enlarge) Miscellaneous
Port’s 2014 financial statement prepared in-house. Port passes State Auditor financial statement and accountability audits.

Acquired small parcel of property (.027 acres) from WSDOT adjacent to Port’s Dodd Road Industrial Park Property.

Port’s property tax levy rate in 2015 was reduced from 0.3709 per thousand assessed value in 2014 to 0.3701.
2015Acc19(click to enlarge) Miscellaneous
Attended (3) Tradeshows in 2015
  ICSC Retail Tradeshow in Las Vegas, NV
  Craft Brewers Expo in Portland, OR
  ICSC Retail Tradeshow in San Diego, CA

Port participated, at the request of the Port of Seattle, in a London Tourism promotional event. Port of Walla Walla was able to reach a very large audience in promoting tourism visits to the great Walla Walla Valley.

Awarded $24,400 in tourism funding requests in 2015 to 7 organizations.
PublicOutreach2(click to enlarge) Community Outreach
  • Six UB Guest Editorials Written
  • Facebook Postings (19)
  • Port website updated and relevant
  • Walla Walla Trends renewal and E-Newsletter
  • EDC Meetings well attended
  • Bus Tour. Completed and well attended
  • Walla Walla Fair & Frontiers Days Booth
  • Meeting held in Burbank
  • Port Annual Newsletter
  • Presentations made to all major service clubs


Accomplishments from Previous Years

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