Economic Development Sales Tax Fund


In 1999, the Washington State Legislature passed House Bill 2260 which amended RCW 82.14.370 thereby qualifying Walla Walla County to retain 0.08% (now 0.09%) of the state of Washington’s share of locally generated sales tax to fund economic development infrastructure projects in Walla Walla County.

In 2004, the Washington State Legislature amended RCW 82.14.370 to further clarify that the funds shall only be used to finance public facilities serving economic development purposes.  Economic development purposes means projects which facilitate the creation or retention of businesses and jobs in the county.

RCW 82.14.370 (3)(c)(i) : "Public facilities" means bridges, roads, domestic and industrial water facilities, sanitary sewer facilities, earth stabilization, storm sewer facilities, railroads, electrical facilities, natural gas facilities, research, testing, training, and incubation facilities in innovation partnership zones designated under RCW 43.330.270, buildings, structures, telecommunications infrastructure, transportation infrastructure, or commercial infrastructure, and port facilities in the state of Washington."

Interlocal Agreement

The Port and Walla Walla County have entered into a local agreement to help manage the EDSTF. 1/3rd of the EDSTF revenue remains with Walla Walla County to invest in county economic development projects. The remaining 2/3rd's of the EDSTF revenue are jointly managed between the Port and the County. Below is a link to the interlocal agreement between the Port and the County regarding management of the 2/3rd's portion of the EDSTF. Please note the interlocal agreement references .08% sales tax funding which subsequently has been increased by the legislature to 0.09%.

Historical Use of Funds

In order to promote transparency concerning how the EDSTF has been allocated, below is a link that summarizes past funded EDSTF projects.  Please note some of the EDSTF projects were funded using more lenient approval criteria which have since been changed.

Current Fund Balance

In consideration the EDSTF receives revenue monthly, the current available balance in the EDSTF changes frequently.  Please contact Paul Gerola at the Port of Walla Walla at 509-525-3100 Ext. 104 and he can provide the latest EDSTF account balance.

How to Apply

The process for applying for EDSTF can be found per the below links.


EDSTF Application Submission Process

PDF EDSTF Application Form: Download and save the “EDSTF Application Form”. Open the “EDSTF Application Form” file in your PDF reader software application. Complete the application. At the end of the application is a "Submit By Email" button.  Please review your completed application before clicking on the "Submit By Email" button.

Print PDF EDSTF Application Form: Print the “EDSTF Application Form” and complete the application. Scan the completed application form into one (1) PDF file and email the PDF file as a file attachment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

EDSTF Guiding Principles (PDF File)  (Please note the criteria is very specific regarding projects that qualify for funding)

Walla Walla County’s Comprehensive Plan - Appendix H (PDF File) 
(Please note your proposed project must be listed in the county’s comprehensive plan. The link above lists those projects that are eligible.)