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New SR 124/US 12 interchange on schedule, completion set for July, 2012

Port works with City of Pasco to develop sewer treatment plans for Burbank park

     In a unique regional partnership, the Port of Walla Walla and City of Pasco are finalizing an agreement for the City of Pasco to become the sewer treatment provider for the Port's Burbank Business Park.
    The Port of Walla Walla is currently preparing to develop a 120 acre business park zoned for commercial and light industrial uses adjacent to the new US Highway 12 interchanges accessing Burbank. The Port hopes to have the binding site plan completed in the 1st quarter of 2012.
    While the Port could install traditional septic systems throughout the business park, the Port Commission believes the more ecologically prudent solution is to have off-site sewer treatment services provided.
    Under the proposal with Pasco, the Port will access Pasco's excess capacity by installing a pipeline under the Snake River to connect to a city-owned sewer trunk. The Port estimates the cost at $2.1 million. The Port would also pay the city a one-time connection fee of $900,000 for the first 100,000 gallons per day of sewer capacity along with monthly sewer treatment fees.
    "This is the most cost-effective option," says Port Commission President Mike Fredrickson. " Building a stand alone treatment plant in Burbank would cost in excess of $6 million."
    In its negotiation with Pasco, Fredrickson emphasized that the Port is also making sure the sewer service delivery area encompasses the majority of the Burbank community. "This way, if requested, the sewer service can be extended beyond the boundaries of the Burbank Business Park," he explained.

Port Commissioner named
to transportation task force

    Walla Walla Port Commissioner Mike Fredrickson is one of 30 Washington state residents named to a new transportation task force, "Connecting Washington."
    Governor Chris Gregoire said the
committee is charged with developing a
10-year transportation investment and
funding plan to "improve and maintain our transportation system and help keep our communities and businesses moving."
    The group mission:
    • Review statewide transportation needs
    • Recommend the most promising projects for investment
    • Identify potential revenue sources
    • Develop a 10-year investing and funding plan for the state transportation system
    • Present the plan in January 2012 to the state Legislature for consideration
    In addition to Fredrickson, membership includes persons from local governments, transits, business and labor, state lawmakers, the Washington DOT, environmentalists, and bicycle-pedestrian interests.

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