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New Airport District Businesses

Interiors & so much more!

When Kari Brodhun opened Two Birds in the WW Airport District she said it was “a dream come true.”
Since mid-year, Brodhun had been converting her historic military building into a showplace and sales site for an eclectic inventory of what she describes as “hand made, repurposed and new” home furnishings. The selection includes couches, clocks, candles and even some carefully selected clothing.
Brodhun says the store is still becoming what it’s going to be. “I’ve always been a junker,” she explains, “and I’m constantly looking for fresh and fun things to replace inventory that gets sold.”
She calls it Two Birds because of her love of birds. “They’re colorful, flighty and fun and I think those characteristics are reflected by what’s happening in my store.”
Brodhun’s retail experience comes from more than 10 years of buying for the Bon Marche and more than a decade managing Macy’s. Now, with Two Birds, she describes herself as more grounded, more peaceful.
“I’m here because the Port has been helpful, the space is affordable and the District is becoming an increasingly attractive place for innovative businesses like mine,” she explains. “This is really fun...it’s what I’ve always wanted.”
Shop Wednesdays through Sundays at 925 E Street. For info call 509-525-1561.

Two Birds furnishings
Two Birds furnishings.
A single pillow hand-crafted with a man’s shirt, a vintage sheet and two vintage dresses.

Fly like a champion!

After a “career” as a U.S. Air Force pilot, training in the T-37 and T-38 and piloting the F-16, Walla Walla native Jenny Wade exhibited her craft as a participant in Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training and completing her first duty station in South Korea before being deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan. Her last four years of her Air Force career were as an F-16 instructor at Luke AFB, Arizona.
Her dream now is to bring the joy of aviation back to her hometown, and especially to the youth. She recognizes that Walla Walla is not only one of the best places on earth, but also has a strong military heritage that somehow has been forgotten.
Wade hopes to bring that back with the Ragged Irregulars...a name chosen to honor the B-17 bomber group that was assigned to what was then the Walla Walla Air Force Base in 1942, and ordered to serve WWII combat missions over Europe between August, 1942 and April, 1945. The Ragged Irregulars flew more than 9,590 sorties.
Jenny Wade’s hope is to rekindle the flying excitement of that time with her Ragged Irregulars Aviation and Vacation Rental at the WW Regional Airport.
She began making her dream come true by leasing and renovating what once was Walla Walla University’s flight training center.
Now the sparkling facility houses luxurious accommodations to be rented by guests who seek to discover the joy of aviation, the fun of flying and the welcome of Airport District winery tasting rooms, specialty stores and special interest shops.
In addition to Wade’s collection of flying memorabilia, the Ragged Irregulars facility features a runway view and a sheltered patio that’s a step away from airplane runways.
And there’s more...
Wade offers flight instruction, aircraft rental, aerial tours, car rental, bicycle rental and wine tours. For information e-mail raggedirregularsaviation@gmail.com, visit raggedirregulars.com, or call (801) 866-6138.
Jenny Wade, Ragged Irregulars
- Jenny Wade with her Cessna 172 training & touring plane
- Ragged Irregulars guest room
- Runway view patio for guests
Photos by Donna Lasater

Shot in the Dark

A family flavor, a dad’s encouragement and a couple’s dream have lead to the establishment of a new distillery in the Port of Walla Walla’s incubator complex.
Kevin and Betsy Hetterley, both Milton-Freewater and Walla Walla natives, are the newest start-up tenants for the Port facility. They leased the fomer Corvus Cellars space for their “Shot In The Dark” whiskey distillery.
Once regulations are met, the whiskey tasting and sales area are expected to be open by mid-2016.
In the meantime, Kevin and Betsy are getting prepared for the future.
Both have completed the Artisan Craft Distilling Institute’s 40-hour distilling workshop and are collecting the needed equipment, including a state-of-the-art still.
Kevin says that in addition to Shot In The Dark’s “Hetterley’s
Prohibition Whiskey,” offerings will include “Hetterley’s Apple Pie Moonshine” and “Hetterley’s Blind Dog Moonshine.”
He emphasizes that all three varieties are made with locally produced ingredients, including corn mash and apples.
This is the second non-wine producer in the incubator complex. Port officials say it’s allowed because no other winery applied for the space.
The Hetterleys describe their incubator location as awesome and emphasize, “We’re happy to be here!”

Shot in the Dark
Above, the Port District’s incubator housing Hetterley’s “A Shot In The Dark” distillery.
Middle, certificates for Kevin and Betsy Hetterly’s Artisan Craft Distilling Institute workshop.
Lower right, Kevin Hetterly with the first of what he hopes to be as many as three stainless steel stills used for whiskey production.
Photos by Donna Lasater.
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